Taking the long way back

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Apparently, we all need to get out of the house. There are those you’d been following Kustom Kommune for a while now and found an open invitation to a day ride to be the best way to come see the space and vibe out the people. Get a feel for whether they wanted to join the community.

That’s simply what it’s all about. Providing a space to connect, whether working on your own bike, others, or simply going for a ride. Sometimes you just want to come in and have a yarn with those who are there at the time. The conversations flowing through bikes, roads, skill sets and mad ideas. Sometimes, it’s simply talking about our background and what we do for a living, because we’re all a little curious about that one.

It’s fascinating seeing the eclectic array of people who pop, whom you simply begin to bond with through the joy of motorcycles. And as on this ride it was no exception.

With Ross leading the way, and as always doing a fine job at taking us on some pretty fun roads, the winding kind where the scenery is simply bliss. The trees towering on either side of the road, leaving a path in between to glide on through. Rick sweeping on through, ensuring we all made it to our destination, with the rest of us taking turns at corner marking.

With everyone playing their part, no one was left behind, even with the distance between lead and sweep extending as the road became tighter, allowing everyone the opportunity to take them at their own pace.

The destination for the day, the ‘Kinglake Pub’ of which has survived significant bush fires throughout its history, the most recent being the 2009 fires of Black Saturday. The food was good and it was a nice place to stop and recharge before heading on back through.

Of course, taking the long way back through Healesville, taking a quick pitstop for coffee before legging it back home. A few taring away as their homes drew near, with the rest of us heading back to Kustom Kommune to take a moment to breathe, share a beer and yarn a little more before heading home.

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