Kustom Kommune Volunteer Application

Kommune Volunteer Application

Kustom Kommune is a Social Enterprise that offers a welcoming and inspiring DIY space for anyone who’s interested in motorcycles. No matter your age, background, gender identity or level of experience, if you lay awake at night thinking about bikes, you’re in the right place.

For our community, by our community

Kustom Kommune doesn’t employ any staff. Our workshop space, social events and managing Kommittee are all run by a passionate team of volunteers. This enables us to keep the cost of participation down and invest profit back into the community. On average our volunteer team contributes over 6,000 hrs each year to ensure our members and the wider moto community have a place to wrench and connect. 

Volunteering weekly, fortnightly or even monthly means you’ll be directly responsible for keeping the space operational. Being around like-minded enthusiasts of all skill levels means our volunteers naturally expand their DIY knowledge. There’s always something interesting happening on and off the tools, whether it’s a discussion about custom builds around the world, the recollection of an epic trip, someone unboxing shiny new parts, someone else raving about the latest gadgets or another vintage classic rolling through the doors looking for some love. 

Engines of change 

Volunteering at Kommune means you’ll become a familiar face and a reliable source of what’s happening in our social calendar. Regardless of your experience level, we welcome everyone who wants to get involved. We’ll always have knowledgeable volunteers around and we’re always willing to support those that want to learn. Some of our volunteers are mechanical geniuses born with a wrench in their hand and some are learning the basics of life on two wheels. We know better than anyone that you’ve got to start somewhere, so let that place be Kommune. 

Perhaps you’ll find your Zen by meticulously organising tools, or your calling might be helping us run social events and mentoring the community. There’s something for everyone and wherever you find your groove, we want you to walk away feeling good about the good you’re doing because Kommune wouldn’t be what it is without our volunteers. So, a huge thanks in advance if you’re keen to get involved.

Although we’re completely obsessed with motorcycles, we’re more than a workshop. At its core, Kommune is about providing a safe and socially engaging ‘third space’ for our crew: there’s home, there’s work and then there’s Kommune, where a bunch of loveable characters congregate and connect.  


Feel like you have more to offer? Join the Kommittee

We’re also offering Kommittee roles for people who want to be involved in a specific skilled role, from techy tasks to more ‘on the ground’ mentorship and events-related jobs. As a Kommittee member, you’ll be a part of all key decision-making processes and you pretty much become one of the A-team when it comes to our moto community! 

Kommittee roles are for people who have a bit more time to give and who meet the specific skills or experience that we require to push things forward. If this sounds like your jam, head over to the Kommittee Application page.