Konnections Kommunal Build, Week 1

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Ever experienced MOTO FOMO?

Yesterday we kicked off a Kommunal Build as part of our Kommune Konnections program, funded by The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and Movember. Roll up, roll up, roll up your sleeves and let’s get into it…

We were hoping for 15 keen DIY’ers to show up, bump elbows, break the ice with a frosty Panhead and ultimately vote on what to do with our NX650, aka The Dominator (cue 1980s moody Hollywood voiceover when referring to “THE DOMMINATORRRIXX”). Well, all we can say is be careful what you wish for! We had 30 people roll into Kommune, chomping at the bit to get greasy, and by the end of Jimmy’s How To Customise Your Ride 101 half the crew voted for a retro-modern flat tracker, while the other half were keen as mustard for a rugged scrambler. Too many cooks around the pot you reckon? To avoid civil unrest at the first hurdle, we pulled a 1984 Yamaha XT600 from the archive and set in motion a second build- an adventure scrambler capable of outriding the Four Horsemen. Just like that, we’ve got our first two machines lined up for the Kommune Fleet, aimed at members who need a stand-in, or for when a trusty mate from out of town needs a ride, or when you just want to get a feel for something different before committing to a purchase. It’s one big moto family ’round here.

All in all, a superb way to kick things off and a massive thank you to everyone who made it down. Also, a reminder that our roller door is open to everyone for this project, regardless of your skill level. We’ve got a healthy mix of moto gurus and enthusiastic newcomers and we’ve got capacity for a few more of each. Come down on a Thursday from 6pm or duck into the workshop any other time, to have a look at the bikes and chat about being a project mentor or dedicated disciple.

Next week: design work begins, followed by the teardown and maybe a few meltdowns. Well, it’s not an adventure until something goes awry!

Huge thanks to @Jake Simkin for taking the time to come down and capture life on the tools. If you’re interested in what Kommune Konnections is all about and our relationship with the DGR and Movember, check this page.

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Written by Tom Ansell

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