A request from Kommune to our crew: Konnections registration.

These are the good old days! Register and get Konnected…

Kommune Konnections is our involvement in the Social Connections Challenge, a collaboration between the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and Movember, aimed at reducing social isolation and improving men’s mental health within our moto community. 

However, Konnections isn’t just ‘for men’. We all know that everyone is impacted directly or indirectly when one link in the chain ain’t quite right, so our gatherings, rides and events are about more of us getting together more often, on and off the bike- everyone’s welcome.

The folks at the DGR and Movember are good eggs, they need to know that our events and gatherings are actually helping you forge meaningful bonds and improving your sense of wellbeing within our community. They don’t just take our word for it either…

Why your registration is important:

We’re being assessed using anonymous participant surveys from an independent organisation. These simple surveys give you the chance to deliver feedback about your involvement in Konnections and will help us gauge the positive impact our gatherings are hopefully having on you.

Help shape the future of Kommune Konnections:

If the DGR and Movember can see that we’re keeping the stoke level of our community high and Konnections is adding value to your life, we might be in the running for future funding and the good times will just keep rollin’. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbours and even strangers- life flows better when the journey is shared! 

How the surveys work: 

  • First up, Konnections isn’t a pyramid scheme, we don’t need your bank details or the name of your first pet, no one will call you regarding your electricity supplier and there’s no initiation required. Righto, where were we?   
  • By registering you’ll become an official Konnections participant and you might already feel a little buzz of approaching happiness. That’s totally normal and there’s plenty more where that came from! 
  • You’ll receive a simple, anonymous survey, which will form the benchmark for how you’re feeling right now. 
  • After attending 3 events you’ll receive another simple survey, which will show our assessors how effective our social events are. 
  • Around May 2022 you’ll receive a follow up survey because the DGR and Movember really do care about how you’re going and whether we’ve helped improve your sense of social connectedness. Jimmy will also get your name tattooed across his heart.

Registering for Konnections and participation in providing feedback is how the impact of our project is measured and you’ll feel bloody good being a part of something new! Register below, it’d mean the world to us, and potentially many others.

If you have-not registered yet, sign up below.