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The Kommune DGR team smashed our $10k target, finished up 3rd in Australia and 18th worldwide, thanks to the legends who donated their time and dollars to this most honourable cause! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbours and even strangers- the best rides are the shared ones. Here’s to keeping the Good Times Bandwagon rockin ‘n rollin.

Let’s have a look at our dapper crew through the lens of Kommune OG @alvinwong, who…drum roll please…was Kommune’s first ever member almost a decade ago!

More Than a DIY Community

To everyone who chipped in and made the choice to ride with team Kommune, we see you and we salute you. Raising awareness around mental health is a major pillar in the Kommune ethos; we’re passionate about creating a space where members feel they can open up and be heard without fear of judgement and we believe that a regular stint of moto DIY helps maintain essential balance and social connections, which make it a heck of a lot easier to ride the inevitable peaks and troughs of everyday life. Observing all the characters that made up our Kommune DGR team, it finally feels like the old taboos, the strangeness associated with being vulnerable and the outdated notion of “put up and shut up” are becoming extinct. Here’s to having each other’s back, on and off the bike.

Working With DGR & Movember

Offering an open-minded, inclusive and supportive social space is also the raison d’etre behind our #kommunekonnections program, which is directly funded by @Movember via @gentlemansride. If you ever wondered where your DGR dollars go, swing by Kommune and you’ll see a portion of the funds making a positive impact right here in our backyard. We can all agree that motorcycles are the coolest obsession a human could possibly wish to have (right?) but we also reckon the apex of cool, the undisputed heavyweight champion of cool, the King Kong of cool, is knowing you’re not alone, whether you’re in the workshop, on the road or in your head- we got you and we know you got us too.

The Kommunal Kustom Build is part of our Kommune Konnections program funded by the DGR and Movember. If you’re keen to learn more, check this page and keep your eyes on our Kommune Social events page.

Written by Tom Ansell

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