Kommunal Kustom Build, Week 10

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54 Days Until DGR 2022

It’s Week 10 of our Kommunal Kustom Build and if the irreverent banter flying across the workshop is anything to go by, it’s feeling more like one big moto family each week. If you can imagine a Kommune version of Cheers you’ll have some idea of the loveable characters that rock up on a Thursday night to wrench their ideas to life and the nonsense that ensues ’til the wee hours! Here’s what went down…

Special Guests

Maddy and Tatiana dropped in to check the scene and give us some feedback. These two delightful humans represent the company that’s working with the DGR and Movember to assess our Konnections program, so naturally each team was vying like horny vultures for the chance to explain why their build is by far the superior machine. Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition to push the project forward! The Konnections Kommittee first ‘met’ Maddy via Zoom during the depths of Melbourne lockdown, while we were fleshing out ideas for the Kommunal Build and other social gatherings, despite not knowing when or how we’d actually be able to reconnect with our community. Frankly the whole thing felt like a pipe dream and none of us in this city knew our arse from our elbow during those uncertain times. However, like lost campers huddled around a fire, our collective ambition kept the embers glowing and we mustered enough heat to stay positive. We plugged away with our weekly meetings and all the planning and dreaming, which have slowly but surely become the bonafide reality you see here at 8 Duke Street. Raise your glass, or mug, and let’s take a moment to say cheers to not giving up on something you believe in, despite the odds.

So yeah, after months of emails and video chats, the stars aligned and we got to show Maddy in person what Konnections is all about: getting more of us together more often, on and off the bikes. It could’ve been the high vibing collective energy or it could’ve been Jake’s famous sausage sizzle, either way Maddy and Tatiana were stoked with what’s happening at Kommune, so let’s take another minute to raise a hysterical, evangelical HELL YEAH to every single person who steps foot in the workshop and contributes to the community.

On hand to capture the spirit of the night, as always, was the humble legend Jake Simkin (in between flippin’ snags). These glorious black & white portraits were part of a casual ‘innerview’ set up where the crew got a chance to grab the mic and wax lyrical about Kommune and their experience as an official Konnections participant. Note: given how damn attractive they are and how flawless everyone behaved in front of the lens, you’d be forgiven for assuming these were paid actors but we can assure this was not a pre-planned gig!

Manifest Moto Destiny

The race is on to get our machines road ready for the DGR on Sunday 22nd May! Tony got down and dirty scrubbing the living daylights out of the scrambler valves. Two down, two to go, nice work Tony. As always, Steph, Kyle and Paul were solid ringleaders, pushing things forward with gusto. The big priorities for the scrambler are sussing a paint job (military? Rusty desert rat? Harley bobber vibes? Dakar dueller?), choice of tyres, shaping and welding the custom subframe, mocking up a wiring loom in preparation for instruments, truing the wheels and of course the engine itself, which is currently undergoing something of, er, a deep clean…Michael and Juan, we need you! The flat tracker team went ham on the rattle cans and gave their engine a few coats of some tough ass paint capable of deflecting any dirt and debris flying off the dusty oval on which this bike will no doubt race to glory. A new fate for their seat was unanimously decided upon as the team are keen to get onto some plasma cutting action with Jimmy. With the skilful assistance of Tookey they’re going to design and fabricate a custom seat pan in the classic flat tracker style because if you’re going to dip a toe you might as well jump all the way in! 

In Other Kommune News

Rachel is off to Thailand for a couple of months, so here’s wishing you safe travels with a tinge of envy for your exotic adventure! Please send us a postcard and thank you for wrenching on the scrambler and always bringing a warm smile, we’ll miss ya!

If anyone wants to know how to achieve the balance between modern minimalism and retro rugged, check Treesta’s BMW when he’s in the workshop: stripped back, with nothing superfluous, understated and classy. Much like the man himself.

After an unfortunate (but thankfully not physically damaging) accident, Lenny recently had to wave good bye to his trusty steed but being the pragmatic chap that he is, bagged another beauty in less than a fortnight and is back on the road. This time it’s a 1985 Virago 1000 crying out for the Bad Man chop. If you haven’t already seen him getting around town, picture this: Loveable Lenny, in his poncho, flying through the desert at dusk accompanied by the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack, grinning like a lunatic. That’s about it for Week 10, tune in next week for the latest news and views.

The Kommunal Kustom Build is part of our Kommune Konnections program funded by the DGR and Movember. If you’re keen to learn more, check this page.

Kommune Social &Raquo; Motorcycle How To Community &Raquo; Kommunal Kustom Build, Week 10 &Raquo; Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Chopper, Bobber

Written by Tom Ansell

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