High Country Road Trip

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The road trip was a continuation of memorable moments across four days, over 1300km with a crew of ten through the Victorian High Country. There were those concerned about their ability to ride such distances and even whether their bike could keep up. But the crew kept pretty tight as a group and no one was left behind. Everyone felt included and no matter what we road we all fit in. Diverse in bike, in age, in skill set and yet we all came together and enjoyed every moment of it.

“I’ve really improved my riding ability over the last four days.” Jon

The scenery was spectacular, the landscape changing throughout the trip. When it was open and clear ahead, a little leap frogging occurred. Testing the throttle and seeing what we could do. Progressively making our way through the mountains, having a blast through all the bendy roads. Periodically stopping along the way to check in on one another and to take a moment to rest. The corners really testing the concentration levels at times.

It was fun to hear each-others words on the section of road just ridden. The parts most enjoyed and the impressions we had on each-others skills.

 “I’d look behind me and see a DRZ chasing my tail.” Ross

 We all were very impressed with Lee’s ability to ride a dirt bike around the mountains with the ease and grace that can only be described as magic. Mad skills brother. When the day was done, we’d continue sharing the moments of the day. The conversations vast and varied and best of all thoroughly enjoyable.

In a heartbeat we’d do it all again. Sharing the trip with an amazing crew which can only be described as Ragtag was a wonderful experience. A diverse selection of characters that simply, just fit together.

“When we say we’re in a motorcycle group, it’s not what you image. We’re like chess players on bikes. We’re just a bunch of geeks.” Toddy

The memorable moments from this trip have continued on, through the photos and videos shared, looking through the maps for where we road. They excite us and continue to make us smile.

 We look forward to meeting again on the next road trip.

Blog post by Stephanie Johnston

Photos by Jake Simkin

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