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  • brawyn

    4 Feb 2022 at 1:23 pm

    I’m going to try to rebuild the wire wheels myself which I haven’t done before. Some research suggests that the original spokes are the best so I will try and rescue them and restore them and then rebuild the wheels. Stainless spokes are thinner than original and prone to break so original is the way. My back up plan is to purchase a new set of original spokes at $85 Canadian per set.

    Key things to watch are measure the hub offset before you do anything and take detailed photos of the spoke patterns. Take it apart very slowly and 1/2 a turn for each spoke and do the whole wheel and repeat until the spokes are loose. I soaked the nipples with rust busting lubricant which I did 3 times over 3 days because my spokes were rusted in. Then I used a adjustable wrench cos I couldn’t get a spoke spanner. I will do some photos over the weekend to show what I am doing.

    Finished bike will look like this but better