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    Posted by kustom-kommune on 31 Jan 2022 at 5:09 pm

    Q: What is Kommune Social?

    A: The purpose of this platform is to centralise all of our Kommune-related discussions. Kommune Social is a place where all members, build teams, Kommittee members and volunteers can access all the info they need, contribute to communal chats, share knowledge and ask questions. It’s our workshop and social space in digital form. This platform will unify us all!

    Q: What should I do first after I’ve registered and gained access to Kommune Social?

    A: After you’ve successfully stepped onto the platform (welcome aboard), have a poke around your profile.

        • On the left hand side there’s a menu, where you’ll find a “Profile” tab.
        • You’ll see there are several options for customising your profile: cover photo and profile picture, a short bio and details of the bike/s you ride.
        • You aren’t obliged to customise your profile but it can be a handy ice breaker and helps people put a face to the name or a face to the bike!
        • Express yourself. We don’t care if your profile picture isn’t moto-related. We don’t mind what you talk about in your bio. We know there’s more to you than bikes and your profile is a chance to tell the Kommunity a bit more about yourself.

        Q: I’m familiar with my profile, now what?

        A: Start exploring the Forums page.

        • Along the top of the page there’s a menu where you’ll see a “Forum” tab.
        • This goes to the master page for all of our various discussions, which you’ll see are housed within individual Forums to keep things nice and organised.
        • Click on the individual Forums you’re interested in and when you’re in, hit the blue “Subscribe” button to join.
        • Some Forums link to Private Groups, such as Kommune Member Area or the Kommune Kommittee. Instead of the ”Subscribe” button, you’ll see a “Request”, which will alert admin that someone is knocking at the door. If the group is relevant to your involvement at Kommune, you’ll be let in!

        Q: How do I know what Groups I’m part of?

        A: Use the “Groups” tab on the left hand side to see what Groups you’re actively part of.

        Q: Ok, so my profile is set up and I’ve sussed all the different Forums and joined relevant Groups. Now what?

        A: Keep going along that top menu- check out Events and Members, so you’ve got a clear picture of pretty much everything this platform covers. There might not be much content to engage with right now but as more of our community join the platform, discussions will gather momentum, more events will be posted and you’ll quickly see how interconnected everything is.

        That’s Kommune Social in a nutshell, as far as the first steps. Hope this was useful

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