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  • A quick guide to a professional motorcycle spray painting

    Posted by jimmyg on 4 May 2022 at 2:05 pm

    Here’s a great guide from Custom Spray Mods on what is involved in a basic, but professional paint job for your motorcycle.

    Video transcription:

    David 0:00

    Hey everyone, my name is David. This is custom spray mods. And today I’m not going to be painting this bike, but a girl in high school that is, wants to paint this for school project. It’s her bike , we’re painting it black, and she’s done all the prep work and sanded it down. So I’m just going to guide her through the process and you can see how it’s done too. So check it out.

    David 0:26

    So she’s repaired a few dents in the tank sprayer with high build primer, and sanded with 400 grit sandpaper. We’re setting it again with 800 grit wet sandpaper. Then we’ll be ready for the next step. Now we’ve set up all the parts ready to spray and clean them with wax and grease remover. This is an important step because you don’t want to get any residue from the sanding into your paintwork. Now she was going to paint him just plain gloss black, but I convinced her to put a silver pearl in the mix. So now we’re spraying a black with a silver pearl

    David 1:02

    Okay, so we’re gonna paint it a black pearl, and we made up the color. And I chose like a few like a pearl to put in the black. Looks pretty good. So we’ve got the color and now we’re gonna mix it with some base coat reducer, and that’s 50/50 with base coat reducers. So you’re gonna mix that now. Yeah, but all you do is put go up to 600. So pull that in up to 600 and that’s 50/50 That’d be ready to spray.

    David 1:33

    Another important step is to clean the past with a tack rag who’s just gonna get rid of any loose bits of dust on the job. Make sure you get a clean finish. Now we had the paint in the gun who was time to set it up. I like to use the guide: Two and a half turns out on the fluid nozzle about 25 psi and a hand span fan when the gun is a hand span away from the job. After a quick practice with the spray gun it was ready to start painting the bike parts.

    David 2:39

    We sprayed three coats of base coat waiting 10 minutes between coats. Now, time for the clear coat.

    David 2:47

    Okay, so I’ve done the base coat. Let it dry for about 15 minutes. Now it’s time to put the clear coat on. We’re using a fast drying clear because it’s really cold here and we want this to dry really quick. So we’re doing that with mixed up the clear. Now some spray panels. We’re using the exact same spray gun for the clear and we’re going to spray two coats over the job. We’re using the exact same setup as well about 25 psi two and a half turns to the fluid nozzle and holding the gun about a hand span away from the job.

    David 3:22

    It’s important to make sure the spray gun is always an even distance away from the job. If it’s too far away, you can get a dry spray. If it’s too close, you can get a run. So it’s important to make sure the gun is always an even distance away from the job and you’ll get a nice even clear coat finish

    David 3:42

    A common mistake that beginners make is that they don’t overlap enough so they’ll only do a few passes on the job and end up with dry spots. It’s important to overlap your passes by 50% That way you’ll get a nice even spray and even finish. Once I explained this she got the next coat really good, overlapped perfectly and absolutely made the clear look really good on that fuel tank.

    David 5:00

    Looks pretty good, good job. So there you go. The blog posts were all painted. And the finish is absolutely amazing for someone that’s never used the spray gun before just to paint color and clear. She got a really nice even finish the clear coat is there’s no runs, there’s no dry spots. So yeah, I gotta give it to up for someone that’s never used a gun before, did a really good job.

    David 5:22

    So yeah, if you remember a few things when painting, keep it clean. Keep the gun the correct distance. Have your gun set up right. And yeah, overlap your passes, you’ll get a great finish on your clear. And basically, that’s the hardest part. So yeah, at the end of the day, I hope this inspires you to pick up a gun and give it a go. Because you might surprise yourself.

    David 5:43

    When it comes to painting. You’re always learning whether you’re a beginner or an expert. There’s always problems gonna come across. So yeah, it’s just about getting experience and, and learning and remembering the mistakes and yeah, you’ll get a good finish. So yeah, until next time, my name is Dave from Custom Spray Mods.

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