Bike Exif: Origins

Kustom Kommune Bike Exif Origins

Check this article on Iron & Air about the roots of the world’s most revered custom bike blog, or “The Unexpected Success Of A Random Experiment” as Chris Hunter puts it.

Bike EXIF: thirteen years under its belt and 200,000,000 page views, not bad for a side hustle born out of the feeling that something different needed to be offered. We resonate with that sentiment 100% because it’s the same seed that sprouted Kommune, at virtually the same time too! 

When Bike EXIF started, the internet was still pretty young and clunky but a vigorous adolescent growth spurt was just about to make the old ways look ancient. The modern cafe racer scene wasn’t just a private backyard affair anymore; people in the UK could see what the Japanese Brat scene was all about; the Deus machine was in motion and choppers weren’t just for dangerous hairy dudes. SO MANY people were doing SO MANY awesome things with SO MANY different motorcycles but how did we tap into it all before Bike EXIF? Chris Hunter was there to create the online portal through which the world tuned into it all, for free, with no idea that it’d be so successful. 

The message here, it seems, is that if we can dream it, we should have a crack at building it. Here’s to you and your mad ideas and your place here at Kommune, no matter what you ride or your experience level. Here’s to our first Kommunal Kustom build and the open alpine roads…

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Written by Tom Ansell

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